30 August 2010


Location: Stony Point, NY

This week of YAV orientation has narrowed, broadened, broken, and built me. To be invited into such enjoyable community and then forced to leave it is extremely difficult. I know we will all be together in service and when we return from our sites. Whether we are going to Belfast, Nashville, Atlanta, Nairobi, Kottayam, or wherever, we are all connected as YAVs and in our mission of being.

Single phrase memories: bomb dog, Asia House, Halligans, the Wave, ewe thina, sanna, the Canticle of the Turning, small group, INTJ


  1. Good luck and safe travels on your wonderful journey to Africa!! We'll be thinking about you and can't wait for the next post to come!! Enjoy this time. Hope you took some Crowfield to spread around to another continent!! ~Berk

  2. Steven, We are friends of your parents at First Pres. I am so proud of you. I am praying for your mission in Kenya. I know God will use you to do great things. Love, Miki Cooper

  3. Sounds like the Stony Point experience did what it needed to do...enjoy all the new sights, sounds and smells, and the wonderful people you will meet...Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    As a great theologian once said, you don't take God to the people of Africa...God meets you there in the lives of the people you go to serve!
    Shala bimpe wa mu Yesu Kilisto!
    Bob and Dottie