18 March 2011

Across and UW

Time for an update. It seems the greater the gap between posts the harder it is to write a new post. But - no apologies, just action. Two major changes in my life have made life in Nairobi and my volunteer service much more enjoyable.

I started working full-time at Across in February. There is such an incredible difference between having a little work to do and having no work to do. I am happy to experience this difference at Across. The organization is all about holistic ministry in South Sudan. My job is part of Institutional and Organizational Development - spreading the word about Across to an international audience and sharpening the focus of our mission. A typical day includes editing documents written by others, compiling information for resource documents, and updating elements of the website. I feel like my computer skills are being used, and my desire to work alone or do things my own way is being kicked around in the dirt (N.B. a good thing). No word yet on if I will be traveling to South Sudan but I am eager to do so.

I just realized there is so much I want to share about my own evolving perspective on life and living. I really should use this blog as a medium for discussion, yes?

Anyway - the other major development is making a decision on graduate school. I have chosen to attend the University of Washington PhD program in Biostatistics. Of the schools I applied to, UW was the clear favorite (based on location, reputation, curriculum, and funding), despite being on the west coast away from the reasons I have to be on the east coast. I have two special agents doing housing reconnaissance in Seattle this spring, and I'm exploring a little each week to learn about the area. More to come!

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  1. Yay--congrats on making a grad school choice! There are plenty of YAVA living in Seattle, so let me know if you want to be introduced. Your absence on the east coast will be noted, though...