25 April 2011

Reason 1: FAITH

Hey I'm feeling posty. The first reason for choosing a simple lifestyle (according to Lissner, see previous post) is
As an act of FAITH performed for the sake of personal integrity and as an expression of personal commitment to a more equitable distribution of the earth's resources.
For me an act of faith is something you do based on a belief. The beliefs can be whatever, your faith can take many forms, but crucially one must act. I'd prefer Lissner to write ACT of faith. 'Performed for the sake of' connect this act of faith with our personal integrity in the way that a firefighter enters a burning building for the sake of those inside. To rescue our personal integrity, we choose a simple lifestyle. Fair enough.

We may also choose a simple lifestyle as an expression of personal commitment. Commitment to what? We commit to a more equitable distribution of the earth's resources. Good luck to us finding a mechanism to achieve this! I don't know how we accomplish equitable distribution, or what that really means, but I think we can safely start by balancing relationships in our daily interactions with people. Do balanced relationships provide the opportunity for more balanced resources? Perhaps.

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  1. Interesting quotation from Lissner. I like that he does not consider a simple lifestyle as an end in itself. Instead, he understands it as a means to [for the sake of] personal integrity. Somehow a simple life engenders, maintains, or protects personal integrity. Perhaps this claim could be reflected upon?