28 April 2011


Two posts in one day? Wow.

Reason 2 of Ten Reasons for Choosing A Simple Lifestyle is
As an act of SELF DEFENSE against the mind and body polluting effects of over-consumption.
Most of us consume a lot, and only part of that consumption really enhances daily life. How do we focus on life-enhancers and let go of the physical and mental health pollutants? I can definitely remember being told to go outside and play instead of staying indoors on the computer or other consumer electronic device. Thanks, Mom. There is so much to see and do without buying more stuff and using more fossil fuels. I think an appropriate level of consumption is possible -- especially since there are those products that really do offer benefits -- but we need to stay in control of the situation. Remember that the things we do and what we buy are meant to enhance life, not prevent us from engaging in it.
Easter Weekend was fun; it is a four day holiday in Kenya. Friday I went to an American-style sports bar with another volunteer. We watched cricket and had a pleasant conversation. Then we went to see Ben and others in Westlands. Kathryn and Michael were there. Saturday morning all YAVs met with Phyllis for breakfast and discussed some church-related issues (e.g. big church syndrome). I also learned a new card game called Euchar (spelling? sounds like YOOK-err, like first two syllables of eucharist). Sunday we had dinner at Phyllis's and then second-dinner at another friend's house. Monday I read the first half of Dead Aid (see previous post) and hung out with B&G.

Next Monday is Labor Day in Kenya -- no work. Then Saturday May 7 my parents arrive for their visit: a few days in Nairobi and few days on safari in Amboseli. Yay

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